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  • hello

  1. poerpoteteout
  2. adhadhgadhga
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You can change the caption of a photograph, gallery, group or collection at any time by editing the Description:
  1. In the Organizer, click to select the item containing the photograph, gallery, group or collection you would like to edit or double-click it in the Main Area. Thumbnails will load in the Main Area and the title will display at the top.
  2. In the Main Area, click to select a thumbnail of the item you would like to edit. The thumbnail will become highlighted and related information will be loaded in the Toolbox.
  3. Click Edit in the Description section of the Toolbox. A new popup window will open.
  4. Click in the Caption text box and start typing. When finished, click Save to apply your changes and close the popup window. The new caption will be updated in the Description section of the Toolbox.

Note: The above steps can be applied to multiple selected items as one operation.

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